Integrated Security

CSi Protected can integrate security systems to provide a linked central system which includes:

  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control
  • Fire alarms systems
  • Security Lighting
  • Electric Gates
  • Smart Phone Integration

    Systems can be accessed via one security app to provide access to doors or gate remotely. Security lights can be activated or the system can be monitored by a specialist monitoring station. We are highly experienced in designing bespoke security solutions. CSi Protected has the expertise and product knowledge to fully design a system for all your security needs.

    CCTV monitoring for residential and commercial customers is affordable and now a growing and cost effective tool to prevent and deter crime.

    CSi Protected provides security CCTV monitoring which can be tailored to work with the end user to provide property or full site security monitoring. With our bespoke monitoring solution CSi can supply the flexibility that our clients require. Systems can be monitored 24hours a day or can be programmed to set/ unset at agreed times automatically.

    If an alarm or site detector is triggered the monitoring station can review the activation immediately checking CCTV camera live footage. If there is an intruder or suspicious activity is spotted immediate action can be taken to notify the property owner/emergency services.

    Audio Challenge Technology

    CSi protected can install an audio system which can be connected to allow the CCTV monitoring station to provide an audio warning.

    “Your attention please, this is a security announcement. You are being monitored and recorded on live CCTV. This is private property. Leave now, or further action will be taken.”

    Following an audio warning in the majority of cases this will deter intruders from the site. However, if your site remains at risk the operators update the emergency services. As the operator has visually verified the alarm, there will be added credibility to the call and will ensure a rapid emergency response.

    Remote monitoring can save you thousands of pounds in potential losses via theft, criminal damage and fire and also by reduced insurance premiums.